Resin Drives – The Ultimate Outdoor Finish

Resin Driveways (UK)

Resin bound driveways are a perfect solution when it comes to hard wearing, low maintenance drives that look stunning.

With our resin bound systems, we mix the aggregate in with the resin which results in smooth, flat finishes and no loose gravel. 

The surface is porous in which water can drain through, and is resistant to weeds, making it a hugely popular choice for driveways in the UK.

Whether resin is used for large drives, or small paths, it can make such a difference to the overall look of your property (and therefore help the property price tag)!


A range of finishes

There are many options when it comes to the overall style of your resin driveway. Whether you opt for grey, walnut, red, anthracite or white the end result will look outstanding.

We will bring our sample range to you and discuss best options with you.  

Things to Consider…

A huge benefit of resin for driveways is the permeability. Tiny gaps between the aggregate means water can pass through the layers, creating well drained surfaces. This means it’s fully compliant with SUDs (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) and helps to manage flood risk.

HOWEVER – Many contractors will offer to lay resin over the top of existing driveways made of concrete or tarmac. Whilst this is a tempting option for pricing, the differences between the surfaces mean you should never overlay as you will cause huge problems with drainage. Another huge benefit of using us to lay your resin driveways and outdoor surfaces is that our PREPARATION is outstanding. Properly laid driveways will last a very long time, sub-standard ones won’t.

Quality driveway installation and finish.

The installation of resin driveways is far more complex than laying block paving, however, the longevity is well worth the investment. 

Resin is a complex product and can be really expensive to put right if errors are made where we come in with years of experience.

We ensure all products are mixed in the exact proportions needed to avoid patchy areas, and we will only install in the right conditions, meaning we don’t have defects.

Our reputation is key, and we pride ourselves on exceptional service, product, and customer satisfaction. 



Hard Wearing

Epoxy Resin is suitable for high traffic areas such as your hallway, kitchens and outdoor spaces.



Epoxy Resin is perfect for Kitchens and Bathrooms. Not only does it look amazing but epoxy resin is hygienic and easy to clean.


Slip & Stain Resistant

Anti-Slip solutions ideal for any home, especially if you have children running around. Whether it’s the kitchen, living space or outdoors, you’ll love resin flooring.


Easy to Clean

Epoxy Resin is suitable requires no complex cleaning measures, simply wipe and go!


Endless Effects Possible

The effects you can create with epoxy resin are endless… Marbling, Flake Systems, Metallics, Single Colours… It’s up to your imagination!


Not just for Floors

Epoxy resin is perfect for Walls, worktops, tables or flooring. We can apply our resin just about anywhere.